To have a dog prone to have epileptic seizures is something i wish for no one. Both me and partner has been living on Red alert since last October. It takes a toll on us, any flap of the ears makes us startle & check on him. When we tried to reduce the medicine he get his seizures again. The days around the full moon he becomes really restless & we can hardly sleep. There have days when i have taken him for a stroll at 1 am, sometimes at 2 am, sometimes at 3 am, just to distract him. Luckily for dogs, fits do not happen while they are walking. It happens while they are lying down.

magic is unwell

I have reached a stage where i cannot watch him get one more attack. It is painful to see him suffer & both of us humans also suffer along with him, even Mia & Laila become very anxious too. Sometimes when he gets cluster seizures, it is impossible to work or do any other things. Sometimes during full moon nights he would be so restless, would be whining throughout the night & one feels a seizure is going to happen anytime.

magic with his little friend

Now, we have decided along with the doctor that we shouldn’t try to reduce his dose of phenobarbital. It is 60 mg to be given with a gap of 8 hours. 6am, 2pm & 10pm.  A total of 180 mg a day so, that he has enough of the medication in his system This has seemed to work well for him. It took us a long, time to come to this conclusion.

let us hope for the best.