After what had happened to Magic during the third week of October things have changed a lot. I feel he has aged rapidly. From a seven-year-old he has become a ten-year-old & looking after him I have also aged. The immediate days, the week & the month after the episode was quite hellish. Magic was not able to decipher what was happening to him. He was drowsy, tired  & he wasn’t even able to see very well. Many a time he would touch me with his nose, to make sure that it was me. He was very restless, he was resisting sleep, he had immense hunger. Just to ease his restlessness, there were nights when I had even taken him for a walk at 2 am. Partner & me hardly slept during those 2 – 3 weeks. Any movement in the night from Magic, both of us used to jump up awake nor were we able to do any of our work properly.

After three weeks his body was slowly adjusting to the medications. He became less lethargic & his movements became more steady. When he came to the farm after three weeks the journey was tough for him. Tiredness was written all over his face, he was so fed up of the journey, that once we reached the farm, he just fell asleep for more than 12 hours. That week when we were in the farm, he used to sleep 18 to 20 hours at a stretch. He would only wake up for his food, linger around for a while, then do his toilet jobs & would straight away go back to sleep. Sometimes, I admit I did check whether he is actually breathing.

I feel I have also aged a lot along with Magic in the last 3 months. There is a constant worry. Surely one doesn’t want to go through what we went with him again. Sometimes when I think of those two days when he was having hourly bouts of fits, the fits which were so strong, so violent, the fall, the collapse, the spasms, the frothing saliva, urine…. gosh, it was a nightmare. Couple of friends were great support & our Vet also showed great clarity of mind on how to handle the situation. But for Magic, who is such a active dog, it was a struggle. He hated what was happening to him, he resisted everything with all his might. It was impossible to give him even a saline drip, eventually as a last option, we had to sedate him only to give a saline drip, that was the level of his resistance!

Slowly he has started to regain some of his composure, but he also has changed a lot. For one he gets tired soon, our walks have become much shorter, unlike the earlier really long walks. He always used to walk a foot ahead of me, but now a days he walks along, or sometimes he would be lagging behind. The combination of medication, increased appetite & less exercise has led him putting on weight too. After a 30 mg was reduced of the medication, he rapidly became more active. Now he runs a lot while we are in the farm, so hopefully in the coming months he would reduce some of his weight. He also knows something has happened to him, so he does talk a lot these days, whines more than usual, howls if he doesn’t see me or partner, he wants to be close to us all the time. He wants more cuddles, he lingers longer on you, wanting more, when he is lying down beside us if we slip our hands under his head, one can feel the slight downward push to make sure that you don’t remove your hand, sometimes like a cat he pushes his whole-body weight on you to merge into one tight embrace.

How did Mia & Laila react to his illness? I don’t know what Laila was thinking but Mia had seen it all happening in front of her. So yes, she was anxious. The anxiety was showing in her constant state of alertness & lots more barking than usual. For almost 2 weeks we had put off the door bell, in our house, so that Magic doesn’t get disturbed due Mia & Laila’s barking, when the doorbell rings.

Would Magic ever come back to his normal self?

I would say he is back only to 80% of what he was. It would be interesting to watch him when another 30mg of his medication gets reduced. We need to keep a constant eye on him for the next few more months. Also i feel very sad to think that this had to happen to him. He wants to play more & one of his biggest disappointments is that Mia & Laila doesn’t play with him. His best play mate is also away for a year, so more the reason he wants to play with one of us more.

magic san

Peace & love