Laila completes two years with us.

about her, when she happened to come to us can be read here

& how she was, when she completed a year with us can also be read here

laila, classic pose

After reading the above two posts, one would have felt the worst is over & she would be flowering into a glowing personality like the other two. However something is holding her back ……….. now, what that something is: I really don’t know ! I have christened her middle name as “Kuttichathan”, i.e my dear little ghost. Last name is Bambre. So her UID name is “Lailabai Kuttichathan Bambre” !!

Let us keep all this UID nonsense aside for a while.

We still have no clue about her life before she came to us. Where did she come from, did she actually run away, was she abandoned, did she lose her way ? We can only make assumptions about what she must have gone through her life before she came to us. However one thing is very, very clear about her, she didn’t have a comfortable nor a decent life before she came to us & Yes, there was a huge baggage of deeply distressing trauma which came with her.

Sometimes we had seriously thought of seeking professional help for her. There are a few very good people who we know, but unfortunately most of them are actually very good with individual dogs. Here we have a case of a pack of three & seeking professional help for one dog wasn’t going to be the answer. It needed someone with loads of experience, understanding of the Sight hound behaviour (because their modus operandi’s are very different as compared to other dogs).

So, the only option left to us was : be patient & hope that one day she will wake up different !!

Well, nothing of that sort has ever happened nor will happen.

Only thing that has happened in Laila in the last two years is that, now she knows very clearly that “wherever WE ARE is her home. Care, comfort, food, company, action, fun, TLC etc has come in the last 750 odd days by being with us.

So, the only change in her is : if she happens to go free…. one whistle is enough, she will be bounding back into our arms.

What i cannot understand is:  Why it took two years for her to realise this, why it took so long for her to have a smiling face, why it took her so long to start playing with us. It’s true her communications with us have improved a lot, but obviously it is nowhere like Magic & Mia, their communication is at a different level & they actually converse with us. At least now from Laila, her paw comes up in greeting & more importantly there is a cheerful & happy look in her face.

When one looks back & think of all the nonsense that we had put up with her ….. just now it is impossible to even believe what we had to go through in the last two years. To put it simply : it has been very, very tough ! Partner, son, nephew, friends, extended family, house helps, farm helps everyone had extended an extra hand to Laila.

Now if we keep all of us Homo sapiens aside, even Magic & Mia have been so patient with her, as compared to the everyday taunts from Laila. Especially Magic, he has shown such immense restraint, especially when his welcoming vibes everyday gets snubbed by growls from Laila. Even Mia, apart from a couple of wringing statements, she also has been so very tolerant.

So, now that the difficult period is seemingly over…..there is nothing more i (we)can do.

It is over to you “Lailabai Kuttichathan Bambre” !!

Peace,  love & Khuda hafiz !!