Mia turns five !!

Here is what i had written last year

If i had assumed that she is a “kind-hearted” soul, i was in for a major reality check when Laila came into our lives. Well, about all the barrel full of nonsense we had to put up after Laila entered the scene deserves an elaborate separate post.

Having said that, Mia remains a sweetheart & fabulous company !

mia, deadly

In Marathi we call her “Dhulechi porgi”, meaning the “little girl from Dhule”, she came to us from Dhule district.

From our pack of three, she is indeed the most intelligent, she always remains in the background, she doesn’t attract too much attention, she looks after herself beautifully & yes, she communicates as is her norm with her eyes, with her ears, with her tail & ssshhh in the night she always sleeps cushioned between me & partner every night !!

Mia…. love you !!