There has been many times in the last one year when i have thought, that i have made the usual mistake which i tend to do sometimes. i.e taking some rubbish decisions.

So, did i really make a mistake by inviting Laila into our home ?

If we rewind the question a wee bit…

Did i ever feel the same with Magic & Mia ?

No, not even once.

Then, why do such thoughts come about only vis-a vis Laila ?

Magic & Mia never had any serious behavioural issues, whereas Miss Laila came to us “armed & dangerous” !!


It is like adopting a child after having two children, its like adopting a girl child, even after having a daughter, its like bringing in a malnourished, abused child into a group of happy children or it’s also like trying to bring in another woman into the life a “settled couple”.

If one pictures the above situations in one’s head one can imagine the chaos, the tempers which flay, the arguments which can easily flare from these situations, to put it simply it does bring in an upheaval. So, it has not been an easy ride for the last one year.

On the other hand, after one year one can confidently say that the worst is behind us. The mal-nourishment she suffered in her earlier years isn’t revocable, may be the malnutrition has led to poor eye sight, malnutrition has led to weak bone composition… and of course the malnutrition is also one of the reasons behind her aggression.

A good diet has helped her to find a good balance & she is our most un-fussiest eater, 9 out of 10 times she will lick her bowl clean. Since she came to us she has survived Tick fever, she has gone through two periods, she has survived all the attention from the stud like Magic, she has survived utter disdain from Mia, she has survived a neck wrenching bite from Mia, she has survived an operation, she has survived some dirty stares & some strict handling from me.

After all that, now there is a sense of belonging, now she feels this is her home, now some serious & hilarious communications (btw she can dance) & chit-chat has started between her & us.

However a certain aggressive streak hasn’t yet weaned off in her. It may be a reflection of the abuse she had to go through. If it was one & a half years of abuse, then she needs two & a half years of unconditional love to come out of it.

Q) So, do thoughts of giving away Laila come to me now ?

Ans) No.

However difficult she has been for us, still i believe she has come to the right place & more importantly i feel i (we) made a right choice in bringing her home to us.

In a way it is a burden to have two “5 star dogs” in Magic & Mia & how does one make sense to the extent of dog abuse happening around us ? Laila kinds of balances these conflicts & she doesn’t allow us to cover ourselves in any cocoon of false comfort & constantly reminds us of the reality of what happens out there in the streets.

Many times i have thought about bringing in a “Trainer” for Laila, We have had nasty experiences (with Magic & Mia) where-in we have welcomed the so-called ‘professional trainer’ into our lives & we have experienced the most unprofessional service. So, why commit the same mistake again.

For me … it wasn’t a walk in the park to integrate Laila & i never thought it will be & it will never be.

So…be it.

Peace & Love