The monsoon season is on in full throttle, it is dark & gray for most of the days, its is difficult to walk all three of them, everything is wet, it isn’t possible to spend enough time outdoors, i cannot take them to the farm also, because the rains are four times heavier over there.

Having animals is a choice one makes & it is a conscious decision. Mia is the most level-headed dog one can ever find. Whereas Magic tends to get bossy or over excited. Laila, because she hasn’t yet shredded off her past can be a bit unpredictable. Magic has grown quite big & strong. I have given up things for him, because no one can walk him and one has never been able to find a person with whom i could share the daily chores. The sight of Magic only discourages any dog walker to even try out walking him for a couple of days. For Mia & Laila one can always find people to do the walking, plus they both are very low maintenance dogs. Whereas Magic is a very, very high maintenance dog, When we go out he has a compelling presence & he cannot be taken for granted even for a second.

Having said that, no matter how big they get, no matter how much they eat, no matter if they smell sometimes, no matter the aggression with other dogs, no matter how loud their bark is, no matter their innumerable attempts to chase down cats, they haven’t ruined my life. They have given me a whole new view of the meaning of life, and more importantly these guys are the only true grounded thing I know in this world. They are honest and don’t lie & they don’t cheat or back stab. If one had the finances & if one was staying full-time on the farm, i wouldn’t be averse to have a few more of these ilk. But i guess i am done for my lifetime.

Last year i had written this about our walks. Few things have remained the same, whereas what has changed doesn’t look any nicer. Early morning one finds more homeless people sleeping on the streets, one also witnesses the way people dispose garbage which is is disgusting to say the least, around 4.30 am on the river some hoteliers come in mini vans & dispose their really toxic waste in front of my eyes everyday & we have to walk over the filthy remnants which they leave on the pavement. We encounter more & more stray dogs, some very aggressive packs which sometimes surround & attack us, there are more abandoned dogs which we come across, tolerance levels while we cross the roads is at an abysmal low with loud honking so that their vehicle can prevent us from crossing, i have seen driver’s deliberately speeding into slush so that muck falls on us, today because we were avoiding the slush and came a bit towards the road a driver even told me he wouldn’t hesitate to drive his car over us, once even if one of our dogs was only peeing i have had people shouting & abusing me. In a way i can’t wait for October to come, for the rains to subside & we can be in our farm, so then we don’t have to encounter all these issues.

Until next time

Peace & love