I really wish i was creative & could paint or do sketches….. well, now that i am a “busy ‘ole man” i am left to appreciating the skills of others. That’s fine with me & i really enjoy the art created by others.


In this post i’ve used snaps posted by others without knowing whom to give credits for. In fact innumerable people have used my snaps of Magic & Mia claiming that the photographs & the dogs are their own.

How i wish they would go through the life & struggles of living with sight hounds……anyway thats besides the point

Here is a beautiful drawing posted from the Mudhol Hound group…… indeed so beautiful.

Layla and Majnun the great love story by the Persian writer Nizami. Here is a Mughal era painting depicting the love story of Layla and Majum. painting showing Majum thrown to the hounds but remains unharmed by them.

laila majnum

I still dream of the day when i can get a tatoo of Magic & Mia on me, tattoos are way too costly in India, i cannot afford it.

anyway ….. isn’t this gorgeous ?
sighthound tatoo

A seasons greeting cards with Sight hounds …..so beautiful isn’t it ?
seasons greetings

Have a look at these sketches…..


incredible isn’t it ?


and what about this Caravan Hound painting ?

Gorgeous !!

caravan painting

Yet another greeting card inspired from Sight hounds…

it’s really my favourite, so ethereal !!

merry christmas

again sight hound art…..

sioght hounds in Art

even birthday greetings to my  partner made by her colleague…… so beautiful & exploding with life !

b'day greetings

How about a sight hound ‘hanger’ ?

sighthound hanger

What about this for a painting on a few walls on our house….. it’s just incredible.

sighthound wall paintings

here is another Sight hound drawing

sh art

Someone in Italy hacked our snaps and made it into this



I’ve been urging my son to draw more of magic & mia…..as usual with teenage children they find us (parents) annoying & irritating, anyway here is his sketch of Magic when he was 4 months old

magic at 4 months

peace & love…….