Recently i really enjoyed reading James Herriot’s dog stories. There are fifty chapters in the book & each of those stories are different & very engaging. Apart from the stories of the human – canine relationships, what really engaged me was the stories of the various kinds of injuries & illnesses that dogs can suffer. Many a time while reading the book one also had to sit back & say Wow, this guy is some doctor !!

Magic, because of his utter lack of fear, which sometimes borders around foolishness is very injury prone. Its one of the reasons why one has to be super careful & keep an hawk’s eye on him when he is off leash. One: he tends to get into doggie fights & will get bitten. Two: due to his Usain Bolt like speed while running, unknowingly he can step on something (broken glass pieces/thorns etc) which can lead to deep cuts or if the ground is wet & slippery may be he can slip and get a fracture or a dislocation. A few days back he took off after a bird & shot through a thorny bush like a tracer bullet, while doing that his ears brushed against a few thorns & he was bleeding like a tap.

Also during our early morning walks we encounter the remains of one of the dark sides of human nature : which is to throw alcohol & beer bottles from their speeding cars. In the dark it’s not always possible to notice these things. Sometimes we end of stepping on it & its a real heart in the mouth moment for me. Imagine us, 3 kms away from our house at 5am with Magic or Mia having cut their paws & blood gushing out like a tap and not able to find any transport to take them to a doctor !!

Another darker side of the people in this country is to throw left over food (especially bones), plastic bags out of their kitchen window into open spaces. When Magic & Mia is off  the leash i do walk around and try to clear up the place of such unwanted litter. It isn’t possible always, so sometimes they do pick up these rubbish & it can lead to serious complications.

Magic’s tummy is also very delicate. It can go bust very often. Sometimes when he is restless, if we listen to his tummy, we can hear the rumblings happening in his intestines. Sometimes he prefer to chew some Lemon grass (citronella), sometimes some normal grass, sometimes some wheat grass, more often than not he prefers the highly debated Lantana leaves. If he chews on a handful of it he actually feels better. If he pukes it out soon then we know he has got better.

Just going through a few pages in the internet about dogs eating Lantana leaves everyone seems to say it is a complete NO, NO, that it is toxic, it can cause long term damage to the liver etc. However all the writings are from the west & i couldn’t see any writing from this part of the world. Is there something wrong with his diet or is there something else which is wrong with him ? All insights from readers to clear up these doubts about Lantana leaf eating is most welcome. Meanwhile i shall also check out with a few doctors.

cooling off after the run

Peace & Love