Pappu is a senior citizen !

Sometimes in the evening when we are walking,  we cross some super enthu kids from a school close by & they ask :

Uncle, uncle; whats is his name ?

His name is “Pappu”.

or sometimes when they ask what is his name ;

His name is “Chotu”.

Both the replies elicit huge laughter among the kids. They say: “Evada motta kutra, anni thencha naam tevla aahe Chottu.” (He is so big & they have named him Chotu, hahahaha)

Chotu means Little one or a Child or a Baby & Pappu means someone who is loved, shy & almost an introvert.

Actually both the descriptions are true for Magic. I can explain why.

Even though this Puppy or our Pappu has become a senior citizen, he has still managed to remain the cutest & the most charismatic. Someone who had come home recently mentioned that he has have never seen such a big dog which is so gentle. Yes, yes, he is very gentle with human beings who come to our house, he can actually be part of the conversations & sometimes one feels he is listening to what we are talking. A few days back some farmer friend’s of mine had come home & we were sitting together & exchanging many heirloom seeds. Magic was smelling each seed packet, making his own notes & nodding his head as if he understood what we were talking.

It is another matter, that this Chotu can reach the reach the center of our dining table & smell things. Yes, actually he went through almost of the seeds sniffing away & listening to what we were talking. He is like that, he get’s very involved in what is happening in the house. Almost every other day our kitchen see’s a lot of action & he is the official Chairman of our tasting committee.

But, put a male dog in front of him, then you can see his true colors & surely my friend might quickly change his opinion. These days he talks a lot, even while we are outside he is very chirpy with “Shakira bum shakes”, nips on my elbow, sometimes nips the thighs of Mia & Laila, sometimes stops me in my stride with his head, looks at me with dreamy eyes & enjoys a nice cuddle & a rub down, all in the middle of the road at 5 am. Uff, i thought public display of affection (PDA) is a risque in present day India !!

He, along with Mia understands every damn thing. Everything that we speak, everything that we do, our moods, our emotions etc. They understand everything. Both of them are like four legged humans, if i may put it that way. We all know what we humans are & the history of the earth, if ever written would show us as the worst species ever inhabited the planet so, it may be inappropriate to call them that way. Due to lack of terminology, i put it that way. 

I am not getting into his illness part in this post. Because one tends to get bogged down during prolonged period of illness & forget how special Magic is. One doesn’t have to ask any humans who have met him. I mean one can just check with all the canines in the area, what Magic means to them, the answer will be very obvious. He is just adored by most.

magic having some fun

If i had extra leashes with me, i would’ve take them all with me, while we are out on a walk. We would have eleven to fifteen more doggies walking along with us. All these street doggies actually wait for Magic to appear at 5 am, they exchange their greetings & walk along. If i happened to walk with Mia or Laila no street dog would bother.

Many canines are always walking around in our colony, but no canine elicits this response from the dogs which are living in the streets. If Magic doesn’t see them at their usual places, he will scratch the road, make a noise with his scratching & lo – behold they will all appear.

Once a friend was coming to our house & she asked for our address. I told her the street we live in & asked her to find the house of Shikari Kutte (hunting dogs). She found our house without any ado…. such is our Mr Pappu.

Happy Birthday to you Mr Pappu !!

Peace, love & Khuda hafeez …. until next time take care !

Laila completes three years with us…

This October Laila completes three years with us. At the beginning everything was going wrong as wrong can be. Her insecurities were akin to an abused child & they have been documented every October in this blog.

During this year, she has changed slowly. Also, i feel her changes are also slow because of the dominant nature of Mia & Magic. But, she has really started to express herself, becoming more ‘free’ & all the cobwebs which were clogging her is slowly getting cleaned up.


Now she has become more like our family & of course she has a great bonding with partner, our son & even our extended family. She is strong & active, has a positive attitude, more importantly she shows her affection & love in unbridled joy. She has no fussiness, eats her food well, not really interested in any snacky treats, keeps herself clean & always game & ready for anything.

This is such a relief, especially because Magic’s illness has burdened us a lot.

Change for the better is always possible with lots of love & instant stern action when she behaves badly. I must say i used totally unorthodox techniques with her. I had never heard or read about it anywhere. If she growls i turn my back immediately,  or when she is entering the house after a time outside, i welcome her with shake hands & lots of touch. Now she loves touch, whereas earlier she detested it. I use the opportunity to show her my vulnerable spots like my ears, which she likes to sniff. Sometimes i lift her up & carry her around. When i give medicines to Magic, sometimes i pretend she also has to take it & make her open her mouth & act as if i gave her the medicine. If she growls at any of us, we just ignore her. Now the paws come up in greeting. Every morning when Partner wakes up & she would be waiting for her to come & say hello. While we are outside earlier, if anyone approached us she would literally go for the person. Now, she is much relaxed & with certain people allows them to touch her too.

She isn’t going to stop here, more of her is yet to come. This year i am sure we see a lot of positive development in her & loads of fun too. However the key to it is the boss aka Mia. If Laila & Mia start playing together that will be a quantum leap in growth & harmony.  Sometimes i do see signs towards that when the two ladies run together & doing playful moves.

Lets see.

Peace, love & Khuda hafeez !!

Not something i wish for anyone….

To have a dog prone to have epileptic seizures is something i wish for no one. Both me and partner has been living on Red alert since last October. It takes a toll on us, any flap of the ears makes us startle & check on him. When we tried to reduce the medicine he get his seizures again. The days around the full moon he becomes really restless & we can hardly sleep. There have days when i have taken him for a stroll at 1 am, sometimes at 2 am, sometimes at 3 am, just to distract him. Luckily for dogs, fits do not happen while they are walking. It happens while they are lying down.

magic is unwell

I have reached a stage where i cannot watch him get one more attack. It is painful to see him suffer & both of us humans also suffer along with him, even Mia & Laila become very anxious too. Sometimes when he gets cluster seizures, it is impossible to work or do any other things. Sometimes during full moon nights he would be so restless, would be whining throughout the night & one feels a seizure is going to happen anytime.

magic with his little friend

Now, we have decided along with the doctor that we shouldn’t try to reduce his dose of phenobarbital. It is 60 mg to be given with a gap of 8 hours. 6am, 2pm & 10pm.  A total of 180 mg a day so, that he has enough of the medication in his system This has seemed to work well for him. It took us a long, time to come to this conclusion.

let us hope for the best.

What happens now ?

After what had happened to Magic during the third week of October things have changed a lot. I feel he has aged rapidly. From a seven-year-old he has become a ten-year-old & looking after him I have also aged. The immediate days, the week & the month after the episode was quite hellish. Magic was not able to decipher what was happening to him. He was drowsy, tired  & he wasn’t even able to see very well. Many a time he would touch me with his nose, to make sure that it was me. He was very restless, he was resisting sleep, he had immense hunger. Just to ease his restlessness, there were nights when I had even taken him for a walk at 2 am. Partner & me hardly slept during those 2 – 3 weeks. Any movement in the night from Magic, both of us used to jump up awake nor were we able to do any of our work properly.

After three weeks his body was slowly adjusting to the medications. He became less lethargic & his movements became more steady. When he came to the farm after three weeks the journey was tough for him. Tiredness was written all over his face, he was so fed up of the journey, that once we reached the farm, he just fell asleep for more than 12 hours. That week when we were in the farm, he used to sleep 18 to 20 hours at a stretch. He would only wake up for his food, linger around for a while, then do his toilet jobs & would straight away go back to sleep. Sometimes, I admit I did check whether he is actually breathing.

I feel I have also aged a lot along with Magic in the last 3 months. There is a constant worry. Surely one doesn’t want to go through what we went with him again. Sometimes when I think of those two days when he was having hourly bouts of fits, the fits which were so strong, so violent, the fall, the collapse, the spasms, the frothing saliva, urine…. gosh, it was a nightmare. Couple of friends were great support & our Vet also showed great clarity of mind on how to handle the situation. But for Magic, who is such a active dog, it was a struggle. He hated what was happening to him, he resisted everything with all his might. It was impossible to give him even a saline drip, eventually as a last option, we had to sedate him only to give a saline drip, that was the level of his resistance!

Slowly he has started to regain some of his composure, but he also has changed a lot. For one he gets tired soon, our walks have become much shorter, unlike the earlier really long walks. He always used to walk a foot ahead of me, but now a days he walks along, or sometimes he would be lagging behind. The combination of medication, increased appetite & less exercise has led him putting on weight too. After a 30 mg was reduced of the medication, he rapidly became more active. Now he runs a lot while we are in the farm, so hopefully in the coming months he would reduce some of his weight. He also knows something has happened to him, so he does talk a lot these days, whines more than usual, howls if he doesn’t see me or partner, he wants to be close to us all the time. He wants more cuddles, he lingers longer on you, wanting more, when he is lying down beside us if we slip our hands under his head, one can feel the slight downward push to make sure that you don’t remove your hand, sometimes like a cat he pushes his whole-body weight on you to merge into one tight embrace.

How did Mia & Laila react to his illness? I don’t know what Laila was thinking but Mia had seen it all happening in front of her. So yes, she was anxious. The anxiety was showing in her constant state of alertness & lots more barking than usual. For almost 2 weeks we had put off the door bell, in our house, so that Magic doesn’t get disturbed due Mia & Laila’s barking, when the doorbell rings.

Would Magic ever come back to his normal self?

I would say he is back only to 80% of what he was. It would be interesting to watch him when another 30mg of his medication gets reduced. We need to keep a constant eye on him for the next few more months. Also i feel very sad to think that this had to happen to him. He wants to play more & one of his biggest disappointments is that Mia & Laila doesn’t play with him. His best play mate is also away for a year, so more the reason he wants to play with one of us more.

magic san

Peace & love

magic… 7 years

magic, setting the tone

a certain constant companion for the last 2,500 days & nights

he is my shadow aka Magic

a shadow which looms with me even in the darkest of nights.

a shadow which crept into me & made us into one.

a shadow which redefined relationships, love & friendships.

a shadow which epitomized charisma.

a shadow which celebrated life.

a shadow who taught me what it means to be “together”

a shadow who eclipsed day & night out of my system.

a shadow who exemplified athleticism & grace.

a shadow who has grown into a legend, with chapters of folktales which is “shared & read” among all the canines in the area.

a shadow with whom i seem to exist.

a shadow without whom i may also cease to exist.

a shadow who is showing me now how fragile life is.

a shadow who is teaching me the ways to overcome the frailties.

i can go on & on about this adorable shadow….


Unfortunately this shadow has been very unwell recently & will need all the good wishes on his birthday to get through a really rough phase in his life !!


Peace & Love !!


Laila completes two years with us.

about her, when she happened to come to us can be read here

& how she was, when she completed a year with us can also be read here

laila, classic pose

After reading the above two posts, one would have felt the worst is over & she would be flowering into a glowing personality like the other two. However something is holding her back ……….. now, what that something is: I really don’t know ! I have christened her middle name as “Kuttichathan”, i.e my dear little ghost. Last name is Bambre. So her UID name is “Lailabai Kuttichathan Bambre” !!

Let us keep all this UID nonsense aside for a while.

We still have no clue about her life before she came to us. Where did she come from, did she actually run away, was she abandoned, did she lose her way ? We can only make assumptions about what she must have gone through her life before she came to us. However one thing is very, very clear about her, she didn’t have a comfortable nor a decent life before she came to us & Yes, there was a huge baggage of deeply distressing trauma which came with her.

Sometimes we had seriously thought of seeking professional help for her. There are a few very good people who we know, but unfortunately most of them are actually very good with individual dogs. Here we have a case of a pack of three & seeking professional help for one dog wasn’t going to be the answer. It needed someone with loads of experience, understanding of the Sight hound behaviour (because their modus operandi’s are very different as compared to other dogs).

So, the only option left to us was : be patient & hope that one day she will wake up different !!

Well, nothing of that sort has ever happened nor will happen.

Only thing that has happened in Laila in the last two years is that, now she knows very clearly that “wherever WE ARE is her home. Care, comfort, food, company, action, fun, TLC etc has come in the last 750 odd days by being with us.

So, the only change in her is : if she happens to go free…. one whistle is enough, she will be bounding back into our arms.

What i cannot understand is:  Why it took two years for her to realise this, why it took so long for her to have a smiling face, why it took her so long to start playing with us. It’s true her communications with us have improved a lot, but obviously it is nowhere like Magic & Mia, their communication is at a different level & they actually converse with us. At least now from Laila, her paw comes up in greeting & more importantly there is a cheerful & happy look in her face.

When one looks back & think of all the nonsense that we had put up with her ….. just now it is impossible to even believe what we had to go through in the last two years. To put it simply : it has been very, very tough ! Partner, son, nephew, friends, extended family, house helps, farm helps everyone had extended an extra hand to Laila.

Now if we keep all of us Homo sapiens aside, even Magic & Mia have been so patient with her, as compared to the everyday taunts from Laila. Especially Magic, he has shown such immense restraint, especially when his welcoming vibes everyday gets snubbed by growls from Laila. Even Mia, apart from a couple of wringing statements, she also has been so very tolerant.

So, now that the difficult period is seemingly over…..there is nothing more i (we)can do.

It is over to you “Lailabai Kuttichathan Bambre” !!

Peace,  love & Khuda hafiz !!

Don’t lose shape!

“Don’t ever lose shape, always try & keep your formation”  this is technical terminology from the legend who made football into a beautiful game. Johan Cruyff… my all time favourite footballer/coach.

When we have three high energy dogs, the monsoon season i.e the three months from mid June to end of September is the most difficult for me to navigate. During these three months they cannot come to the farm with me, because reaching the farm with Magic, Mia & Laila is next to impossible in the heavy rains.

I am sure they miss their freedom, with no collars, with no leashes & very minimal interactions with me. While we are on the farm, they only remember me when they are hungry, or if they need some TLC & yes, they feel happy & secure when i am around in the night. Otherwise they are minding their own business & i am minding mine. More importantly for me, i don’t have to do this nonsense of “taking them for a walk“.

During the monsoon season we get cooped up in our apartment for three months, they are dependent on me/partner for their mental & physical exercise, for their toilet jobs & it does become cumbersome for them & for us.

Some dogs don’t mind getting wet, but Caravan hounds don’t like  rain, slush, muck nor slimy water. So here is a brief interface when we are out for a walk in this city called Pune:

Now lets imagine:

I am the Beanpole, i don’t require any space to walk, lets imagine Mia & Laila are cycles. the two cycles are usually on my left hand side & Magic is a motorcycle, he is on my right hand side. If we walk abreast we need at least 8 ft to 10 ft of space to walk. Sometimes the shape changes, the motorcycle will be in the front, the beanpole is behind him & the two cycles are behind, sometimes we are a triangle in various angles, sometimes a square, sometimes a rectangle, sometimes a straight line. Whatever shape we are in; it is important we keep the shape & keep the formation.

otherwise, we end up like this every other minute:

grey pole

It also depends on what is in front of us, what hurdles we have to cross, what sights we encounter & what smells we find interesting. If we lose shape, surely a car will hit us, some scooter or motorcyclist will hit us. Keeping the shape is most critical when we cross the road. It’s not just traffic which we have to take into account, because suddenly a cat will dart across or a not so friendly dog would suddenly appear, sometimes even a pig, or a cow or even a herd of goats.

Imagine losing shape in the middle of the road, gosh…. NO.

The two “cycles” & the “motorcycle” do not like too much of wetness on their feet, so they are always pulling the “Beanpole” to the middle of the road. The only reason why we tend to get out at 4.45 am in the morning is because, then we have the road to ourselves, there are no vehicles, so the road belongs to us & we can rule the street for more than an hour.  M, M, L will inspect every lamp post, every tree, they will read all the messages left by other canines & they also leave behind their messages.

However the toughest walk is in the evening.

To navigate the traffic, to cross the road, accepting the friendly or sometimes not so friendly greetings from the stray dogs in the area, there is a continuous stream of people to navigate, then if some cat pops up from nowhere…. “the two cycles & the  motor cycle will unite together to become a Jeep & the beanpole is the Jeep driver who has to try & apply the non existent brakes.”  There are some dogs which Magic just cannot stand, they may have barked at him sometime before, so he wants the settle the score. If we happen to come across them, then suddenly Magic will start becoming more tall, from his 3 ft height he will zoom himself up to a imaginary 6 ft. Its quite funny & even funnier to see his hair standing up, like how iron particles stand up when we hold a magnet above sand.

Then we have to put up with a few dog walkers who are constantly speaking on the phone or watching something very intently on their phone while they are walking with big dogs like Labrador’s, German Shepherd’s or Rottweiler’s. He/she is obviously oblivious to our oncoming presence. Sometimes we come across a child, yes a child walking a big German Shepherd who cannot stand the sight of Magic & vice versa.

Now anything can happen, isn’t it ?

Just imagine the scene:

“…… the German Shepherd pulls at the leash suddenly, the child falls down in the impact, hurts his nose, ‘has broken teeth & the rampaging German Shepherd in its fury to reach us gets hit by a biker, the bike slips, the biker has serious injury & the German Shepherd is also hit & has serious injury, there was car behind the biker & in trying to avoid the biker, it swerved to the left & hit us…..”

Listen, I am not not exaggerating. This is something which can happen anytime. We’ve had similar close shaves.

With a 70 kg plus Rottweiler this has happened three times as of now. Because the dog walker isn’t aware of our presence, since he is busy on the phone. Its natural that the  dog will charge at us & then there is a mad scramble by the dog walker to hold the dog, his phone would’ve fallen down, maybe a car has run over his phone ! If by any chance that dog got loose, it could be mayhem. One of my friends who stays in another part of town in Pune, was recently an eyewitness, when a Rottweiler managed to come out of a house & chased a passing biker, the biker lost balance & fell down, then he was bitten. People were running for their lives & it was pandemonium !

There is also a Lhasa Apso which we come across & of course the dog walker is so busy, so busy & so busy on the phone. Sometimes we wait for even 10 mts to catch her attention, with no luck. The Apso will be barking & barking, lunging at its leash, he would be in mid air, scratching the pavement continuously & claiming its spot etc. The dog walker hasn’t even bothered to see why the dog is behaving like this. Actually I find these small dogs really scarier than a Rottweiler, because when i see a dog doing all these things, any moment this Apso is going to come off the leash & god forbid if that happens, in a jiffy Laila would pick the Apso by the neck & thrown her 20 ft above. End of the story & that’s exactly why i am scared to be near any of these small dogs.

Absolutely nothing wrong with the dogs, they are all fine, barking at us or charging at us etc is all fine, it’s normal dog behaviour. What shocks me is the sight of the dog walker carelessly walking as if he/she is on a walk on a beach & not aware of  the surroundings & the possible dangerous situations involved. Now i understand when i hear stories of people run over by cars, even by trains when they were talking on their mobile phones !!

Then, of course there are a few people in our colony who insist that they will walk their dogs without the leash. I really don’t understand their logic. What are we supposed to do, if by chance their dogs comes charging at us ….  ?

Forget it.

Magic, Mia & Laila are no innocent, they are real rascals, they also do provoke other dogs. Laila, is like a “Kungfu panda” itching to settle a few arguments with a couple of dogs & Magic is itching for a full-on street fight with a couple of others. But one thing is for sure, i know how to hold them & there is that confidence that none of the three will do anything stupid. Having said that, walking the dogs in the evening is like driving. ‘Being a careful driver, doesn’t guarantee anyone’s safety. Anything can happen on the road, isn’t it?

A few months back; a speeding car lost control & hit the barrier at the pavement just 10 ft behind us & the impact took the car to the right side median & when it came to its halt, the front wheels of the car was on the other side of the median. The screeching sounds of the brakes, the sound of the impact on the barrier, the flying particles, the yelling passenger’s inside the car, the dust which it whipped up, the people running towards the car to see what had happened, it was mayhem for a few minutes.

When all this happened, we didn’t lose shape, ‘like a mother hen spreading its wings to protect its chicks, i could quickly sit down & get hold of all the three close to me. Then again, once early in the morning on the bridge a Truck tyre burst, the sound is like a bomb. Before M, M or L could bolt i managed pin them down & hold them close to me, till they became calm.

Of course. I have also had my bad days, especially while crossing the road. Due to mis-judgement on my part or someone pressing the horn too loud & once when i didn’t see a Pig which also wanted to cross the road towards us at the same time, or sometimes when i didn’t notice there was a dog was waiting to charge at us. Basically it was only good fortune that nothing untoward happened & none of us got run over.

I never use the phone while i am out with my shadows. I understand what is coming our way not just by been observant, but also by feeling the different pulls on the leash on my wrist. If they have spotted something, its a different pull, if they want to pee its a different pull, if they want to do their pooh its a different pull. We are always in constant communication through the ‘leash’ and we also exchange looks. Magic, is the most talkative of the three & he usually has a lot to say. He is always nibbling at my elbow, at my wrist, sometimes he arches his body in front of me, stops me on my stride & when i bend down to him & lend him my ears, he would nibble & whisper some very important information into my ear. He is also the only one who does ‘trancing’. There will be cars going up/down beside us, but Messrs Magic would have found his favorite bush where he dunks his head in & does his trancing, then he allows all the leaves to feel at his back & we three will be waiting patiently hoping he will come out of his trance with some deep meditative inclinations !

The other problem with all these walks is that one becomes too visible. In present day India it is always better to remain invisible, unknown, untraceable & anonymous.

Actually i can’t wait till October, when the season changes & the rains subside, so that we don’t have to bother about all this nonsense of keeping shape/formation/ walks etc & we can remain invisible.

Peace & love !!

our best friend’s birthday

Mia turns five !!

Here is what i had written last year

If i had assumed that she is a “kind-hearted” soul, i was in for a major reality check when Laila came into our lives. Well, about all the barrel full of nonsense we had to put up after Laila entered the scene deserves an elaborate separate post.

Having said that, Mia remains a sweetheart & fabulous company !

mia, deadly

In Marathi we call her “Dhulechi porgi”, meaning the “little girl from Dhule”, she came to us from Dhule district.

From our pack of three, she is indeed the most intelligent, she always remains in the background, she doesn’t attract too much attention, she looks after herself beautifully & yes, she communicates as is her norm with her eyes, with her ears, with her tail & ssshhh in the night she always sleeps cushioned between me & partner every night !!

Mia…. love you !!

magic…6 years


IMG_6806 (2)

on one hand …

he pretends to be a cool dude

on the other hand he has a presence

his “presence” has the uncanny ability to bring people together

in the last one year he has become very talkative

yes, he does converse a lot to us about where this world is heading to

i live my life with him

so enjoyable

so intertwined

if i may ask for another 6 years more

Mr Magic ?

Thank you !!


Laila completes a year….


There has been many times in the last one year when i have thought, that i have made the usual mistake which i tend to do sometimes. i.e taking some rubbish decisions.

So, did i really make a mistake by inviting Laila into our home ?

If we rewind the question a wee bit…

Did i ever feel the same with Magic & Mia ?

No, not even once.

Then, why do such thoughts come about only vis-a vis Laila ?

Magic & Mia never had any serious behavioural issues, whereas Miss Laila came to us “armed & dangerous” !!


It is like adopting a child after having two children, its like adopting a girl child, even after having a daughter, its like bringing in a malnourished, abused child into a group of happy children or it’s also like trying to bring in another woman into the life a “settled couple”.

If one pictures the above situations in one’s head one can imagine the chaos, the tempers which flay, the arguments which can easily flare from these situations, to put it simply it does bring in an upheaval. So, it has not been an easy ride for the last one year.

On the other hand, after one year one can confidently say that the worst is behind us. The mal-nourishment she suffered in her earlier years isn’t revocable, may be the malnutrition has led to poor eye sight, malnutrition has led to weak bone composition… and of course the malnutrition is also one of the reasons behind her aggression.

A good diet has helped her to find a good balance & she is our most un-fussiest eater, 9 out of 10 times she will lick her bowl clean. Since she came to us she has survived Tick fever, she has gone through two periods, she has survived all the attention from the stud like Magic, she has survived utter disdain from Mia, she has survived a neck wrenching bite from Mia, she has survived an operation, she has survived some dirty stares & some strict handling from me.

After all that, now there is a sense of belonging, now she feels this is her home, now some serious & hilarious communications (btw she can dance) & chit-chat has started between her & us.

However a certain aggressive streak hasn’t yet weaned off in her. It may be a reflection of the abuse she had to go through. If it was one & a half years of abuse, then she needs two & a half years of unconditional love to come out of it.

Q) So, do thoughts of giving away Laila come to me now ?

Ans) No.

However difficult she has been for us, still i believe she has come to the right place & more importantly i feel i (we) made a right choice in bringing her home to us.

In a way it is a burden to have two “5 star dogs” in Magic & Mia & how does one make sense to the extent of dog abuse happening around us ? Laila kinds of balances these conflicts & she doesn’t allow us to cover ourselves in any cocoon of false comfort & constantly reminds us of the reality of what happens out there in the streets.

Many times i have thought about bringing in a “Trainer” for Laila, We have had nasty experiences (with Magic & Mia) where-in we have welcomed the so-called ‘professional trainer’ into our lives & we have experienced the most unprofessional service. So, why commit the same mistake again.

For me … it wasn’t a walk in the park to integrate Laila & i never thought it will be & it will never be.

So…be it.

Peace & Love